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10 LinkedIn Post Ideas to Boost Engagement and Reach in 2023

Guest blogger: Chris Mitchell

In search of what to post on LinkedIn that will help build LinkedIn engagement in 2023? The solution is pretty simple.
You have to post GREAT content on LinkedIn consistently. But coming up with unique, new, and organic LinkedIn post ideas daily can be difficult.
Well, it doesn’t have to be!

We have put together some fantastic ideas below. These will make you a LinkedIn superstar and boost your business this year.

 LinkedIn superstar

10 Useful LinkedIn Post Ideas

Let’s go through all the ideas with examples one by one.

  1. Write LinkedIn Articles
    LinkedIn provides its audience with a feature known as LinkedIn articles. You can write articles on the LinkedIn platform. The articles can be up to 110,000 characters long, which is more than the 3,000 characters you get on a status update.
    Additionally, you get features such as linking an image and creating headlines. Let’s just say it’s similar to microblogging.
    Here is an example:
LinkedIn Articles

As you can see, these articles are an excellent way to share your thoughts, but you need to make sure that your article gives value to the reader. Only then will it gain engagement.

  1. Offer Hacks, Tips, and How-Tos
    Your main objective is to provide value to the person reading your posts. For example, you can simply post or create a status update that describes a good use of some popular tool.
    You can also create a comprehensive guide on tips for using complex software for beginners. In both cases, the advantage of this kind of content is that it gives tangible value to all your readers. It provides something they can utilize to succeed in their career.
    As you gain the readers’ attention, they will continue to follow you and engage on your LinkedIn profile.
    Here is an example:
  1. Share One of Your Brand Stories. Be a LinkedIn Superstar
    Let’s talk about one of the most obvious LinkedIn post ideas you can go with. Just tell the world how your business is growing and helping customers daily.
    You can also write about all the values that are crucial to your business or you as a business owner. Showcase it appropriately so that it looks appealing to the audience and allows you to boost your brand.
    Pro Tip: Ensure that your brand story aligns with your entire LinkedIn content strategy.
    Here is an example of a post from co-founder Harshit’s LinkedIn where he talks about female inclusion
Brand Stories
  1. Post Short Clips of Webinars
    You can get great mileage from webinars. You don’t have to rely only on posting the entire webinar as a single content piece. You can take out clips highlighting specific ideas/points and then post them on your LinkedIn profile.
    Also, add subtitles so that people can get the idea without using the audio . In this way, they will get the gist of the clip the moment they scroll to it.
  1. Share Info About a Job Opening
    If you have a fantastic job opening on LinkedIn, you can share that post on your page. This way, your audience will also see it, and you will end up helping someone.
    For instance, view this fantastic post example.
  1. Share Some of Your Hiring Experiences
    Another idea to post on LinkedIn is to post hiring experiences. You may have been part of a job interview, as an employer, or as a job-seeker. From there, you might have many insights about the hiring process that you can share with your audience. Your insights may make your audience a bit wiser.
    Here is a sample post by Alan Collins, the founder of Success in HR. The post shows precisely what we mean.
  1. Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC)
    Find out ways in which your customers or employees can make content for you. It can be reviews, testimonials, or personal thoughts.
    The most significant advantage of user-generated content or employee-generated content is that it enhances your LinkedIn profile. In addition, it provides you with more posts to fill your content pipeline. If you ask more people to create content for your business, the result will be varied and diverse posts, which will surely keep all of your employees and customers engaged.
    Lastly, since the content is made by employees or customers, it carries more significance in terms of authenticity compared to branded content.
  1. Share a Great Quote
    In search of a post idea that you can quickly post on LinkedIn?
    Quotes will rescue you from the analysis paralysis.
    Find a quote that you think is amazing. Think Elon Musk, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, or Mahatma Gandhi. The list of great personalities goes on and on. If you feel inspired, you can write an insightful quote yourself.
    The main point is that sharing good quotes on your LinkedIn never gets old. The most fantastic part is that you will never run out of quotes.For instance, in this post by Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart, shares an inspirational quote said by George Eliot. The result was increased engagement, as you can see.
  1. Enter Discussions
    You will come across conversations that involve many people on LinkedIn from time to time. Such discussions are a fantastic opportunity to shed light on your own LinkedIn profile.
    But make sure you have accurate and complete information about the whole subject, and most notably, your input adds good value. If you succeed, you will attract people who want to connect with you or follow your pages.
  1. Create a Post Using a Popular Hashtag
    One of the ideal ways to engage your audience is to make a post using a hashtag that the majority of the people are using.
    What does that mean?
    The readers are already discussing the topic, so you know that it’s a catchy conversation. This is a tried and tested content idea that works well for engagement purposes.
    For instance, see a LinkedIn post published by Gina Stracuzzi, the Business Development Strategist and co-Founder & Director of Women in Sales Leadership Forum.
    Check out how she utilized the hashtag #RecommendedReading to discuss a podcast she wants her viewers to see. That’s neat, right?
    Now that we are done with some post ideas, let’s check out some tips that will help you boost your presence on LinkedIn.

10 Tips That Will Help Boost Your LinkedIn Presence In 2023

Just follow these tips, and you will be on your way to building a more substantial presence on LinkedIn. It will answer all your queries on what to post on LinkedIn.

  1. Post regularly but not too often
  2. Avoid using lots of automation
  3. Share Video and Visual Content
  4. Don’t just share your own content
  5. Don’t sound “salesy”
  6. Go live
  7. Tag influencers and employees
  8. Create LinkedIn-specific content
  9. Use hashtags
  10. Optimize your content based on analytics

A Final Word

Use our ideas and tips above to enhance your network, build your brand, and increase your sales. Many businesses already have used these ideas and they are getting amazing results.

Some things might work for you, and some might not. It all depends on the type of business you are operating. It’s a trial and error process. Try out these content ideas and tell us if it helped.

If you want to read more from Chris Mitchell check out his blog here.

Chris Mitchell Bio
I’ve been obsessed with B2B sales & marketing since 2011 after leaving the medical device industry as a CNC machinist of 7 years. Since then, I founded a LinkedIn lead generation company called Intelus Agency, became a Strategic Sales Manager at CubiCasa, the world’s best floor plan scanning app, and written articles and insights featured in sites like Zapier, Forbes, Authority Magazine, Social Champ, and Selling Signals about B2B lead generation, LinkedIn outreach, sales & marketing alignment, and marketing automation.
I believe that anyone with a growth mindset, a determination to succeed, and a dedication to focus on doing the right things in the right way can achieve anything! My favorite quote in the world is by Jim Rohn “Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”
If you enjoy growth mindset content, and sales & marketing tips, connect and follow me on LinkedIn.

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  1. What a wealth of information!!! Thank you. A step by step guide.
    Posting using hashtags is a good point. Didn’t think of it before. I find discussions to be quite difficult. But will try again this year.

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