Interactive & Informative

Whether Zoom webinars with Fortune 500 companies or in-person trainings with accelerators in funky coworking spaces, be prepared to learn by doing. Group activities, personal challenges, worksheets and abundant sticky notes are part of half-day, full day and 3 day training sessions.

Popular Workshops

    • Diversity & Inclusion: The son of an Indian diplomat, I grew up in 10 countries on 4 continents building a sense of ‘home’ wherever I went. Turned into a TEDx talk, it interweaves anecdotes from my life being an ‘alien’ and covers themes of individuality, diversity, and community. Particularly geared at corporate and youth settings, this keynote encourages the notion of stepping out one’s comfort zone in order to truly find yourself.
    • Start Now, Start Simple: The most motivational of my talks, this chronicles my story of being unemployed in a foreign land down to my last penny all the way to managing over $500 million funds and becoming an advisor to the National Government. A popular talk from teenagers to aspiring entrepreneurs, the talk is guaranteed to challenge people to start making their dreams a reality.
    • Evolve or Die: From individuals to startups to companies, everybody is competing for ever reducing attention spans of everyday people. Filled with stories of success and failures, Dan reveals the ingredients to stay relevant in a quickly shifting world. Specifically targeted at companies, this talk desires to get decision makers and employees to stay innovative and attentive to the market.
    • Opportunity in Crisis: The son of an Indian diplomat moving countries every 2-3 years, I’ve had to really develop my “Change Muscle”. Whether a guest lecture via Zoom to college students or a workshop to entrepreneurs and founders, in this session we discuss the 3 steps to building your Adaptability Quotient and identifying opportunities for growth personally and professionally.





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