Interactive & Informative



Whether Zoom webinars with Fortune 500 companies or in-person trainings with accelerators in funky coworking spaces, be prepared to learn by doing. Group activities, personal challenges, worksheets and abundant sticky notes are part of half-day, full day and 3 day training sessions.

Dominating a screen

Storytelling dealing with anxiety and stage fright, confident body language, alternatives to PPT and more to communicate your next pitch/presentation effectively.

Start With Why

Based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept, this workshop helps teams identify and communicate the core of why they do what they are doing by articulating their purpose

Attention in the 21st century

Turning your phone into a superpower for communicating your brand, attracting clients, building trust with stakeholders and creating a movement


Facilitating Workshops for Corporates & Accelerators

Get a FREE Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking

Get a FREE Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking

Whether a beginner or an expert - this eBook is packed with practical tips and instructions to dominate a stage and nail a presentation.

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