Emcee for a virtual event


How can one MAKE or BREAK a virtual event?

Virtual emcees
Virtual emcees

Virtual emcees are no more optional luxuries as they are the key between a forgettable event and a memorable one. Why? Because we are all bored of Zoom calls, the digital version is mostly underwhelming compared to in-person events, and a great host can be a game changer when it comes to creating a whole new virtual experience in this whole new pandemic-influenced world.

Options available for virtual events
Pace of innovation for virtual events

2020 will go down as the year the world truly embraced digitalization. The pace of innovation when it comes to online event platforms, audience engagement tools, studios and green screen audio/video technology, etc is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Event organizers can, and should, engage virtual emcees to help navigate the plethora of options available. Given I host 100+ virtual events a year, my experience and creative input is a huge competitive advantage to event organizers that involve me in the planning process well before the actual event.

EMCEE + producer

You can’t just set up a camera, log into zoom and call that an engaging virtual conference! Even multiple cameras in a nicely designed studio doesn’t cut it anymore. Great virtual emcees understand how to work with multiple cameras, multiple in-ear monitors, multiple screens with a team of producers, graphic designers, animators, camera operators, light and audio engineers. The best emcees have access to their own physical and green screen studios. Find an emcee who not only understands but rather directs and produces the show with you considering carefully pre-recorded vs live content, transitions and animations, visualizations and augmented reality segments, and creative use of audio, video and lights into the program.

Producing a virtual event
Producing a virtual event

EMCEE = the entire show

The traditional in-person event has a great energy that comes from incredible venues, the buzz of a highly active and engaged audience, speakers who have perfected their presence on stage and professional production. Given virtual events are primarily viewed on mobile phones or laptops, have no visible or audible audience, mediocre performances from seated speakers in their living rooms, and amateur production on new virtual tools…the overall experience is subpar. In many ways. The entire show hinges on an experienced virtual emcee who can create energy in empty studios simply with camera lenses, ideate and execute audience engagement via digital tools, coach and train speakers to elevate their online presences, and provide the creative and technical expertise to carry an entire event from start to end.

Ultimate virtual event
Ultimate virtual event

I’m clearly biased in my opinion, but having hosted 80 virtual events in the last 20 weeks, I will boldly say that virtual emcees can be great allies to event organizers and transformative when it comes to the experience audiences have at virtual events.

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