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5 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

My whole existence on this planet is to serve others BUT there is one thing that I am super selfish about…

and it’s my morning routine

I do not compromise when it comes to the routine that has had the most consistent impact on both my personal and professional success.

What happens in the first hour of my day is probably responsible for 90% of my mindset that day. To be honest, it didn’t start off as a one hour routine but all great habits have a humble moment in time when you decide to just START!

Habits of successful entrepreneurs

Switching off all distractions to invest in YOU is essential. I’ve based my own commitment to my morning routine on two main ideologies.

1. You cannot give what you don’t possess
2. Momentum is a force with real-world Power

I cannot be calm and peaceful in a chaotic world if I don’t have calm and peace in my own soul. I cannot be kind and compassionate towards others if I am not that way with myself. I cannot be creative with others if I am not creative with myself.

You cannot give what you don’t possess

It’s also almost impossible to suddenly be inspired to have your most productive hour of the day after spending the first half scrolling through social posts and watching endless back-to-back episodes on Netflix.

On the other hand, after a long day I can have energy for any engagements in the evening because I am riding on the momentum that I initiated in the morning.

THIS is the reason for the morning routine

Some of you reading might think that it is a luxury that I have time to spend each morning on such a multi-layered routine. Some might even bring up the fact that they have a wife or a husband, kids, or a dog that needs attention.

There will always be real excuses to sideline your goals but I encourage you to allow these two ideologies to guide you as you consider incorporating these 5 essential habits.


Because if you want to be great in business the one area you are allowed to be selfish in is the prioritizing of your morning routine.

Below you will find the 5 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs. These 5 habits emerge from the 5 Pillars of my personal morning routine.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to tackle all 5 Pillars at first. Even on my best days I often do just one activity for each of the 5 habits.

If you are just starting your journey to develop better habits, put into practice one activity from just ONE of the pillars. This will get you going in the right direction.

Pillar #1: Do something Physical

A healthy body is a healthy mind. When you workout it rearranges the internal composition of your hormones. You actually end up feeling better and are more calm and composed about the day simply because you worked out that morning. The positive effect on your mind is massive. Any kind of exercise whether it’s a run, a walk, or a full on high intensity training like a game of tennis will work.

Successful entrepreneurs

Pillar #2 Do something Spiritual

Medidate, pray, be at peace. For me, doing something spiritual involves reading my bible and praying. These activities really help me to take the pressure off my shoulders and help me to remember:

  • I am connected to something significantly better than myself
  • I’m a small part of a much bigger story

Sometimes we think that we are single handedly responsible for the spinning of this planet but we’re not. When we connect with the spiritual, this activity takes some of that pressure off and helps us remember that we’ve got superpowers that we can tap into.

Pillar #3 Do Something Emotional

For me this means finding ways to express my Gratitude but I want you to discover what that emotional expression looks like for you. Whatever you choose to do, be intentional about your own personal check-in.

One of the ways you can build this pillar into your life is by looking at your calendar for the day and asking yourself some basic questions.

What am I most excited about?

If you don’t have an answer, put something in your calendar that you could get excited about.
…and then ask yourself

What am I most nervous about?

It’s a good practice to spend time mentally preparing for that moment.

Does your day have time for the things you love and need to do or are you just following an output-focused to-do list?

Find questions that help you perform this emotional check-in with yourself so that you are guided by your highest intentions and not just pulled along by urgent tasks.

You can rewire your outlook in life by doing things such as affirmations which is the act of speaking positive statements over yourself or gratitude which is recognizing good in your life.

Do something relational

Pillar #4 Do Something Relational

Rather than going to your newsfeed the moment you wake up and beginning social media’s easiest trap, the comparison game; find people who adore you and build you up and spend a few minutes with them. That is all the boost you need for the day.

Pillar #5 Do Something Creational

Play the piano, read or write, build a sandcastle, put together a puzzle. Whatever it is, CREATE something each morning.


These 5 Pillars are the habits that can fast-track the trajectory of your success. I encourage you to commit just 10 minutes to exercising one activity from one pillar and over time growing this practice into a 60 minute routine.

When you commit to investing in yourself at the start of your day you will not only see a positive shift in how your day flows you will also experience new momentum in your business.

Life is about balance and when you can find the sweet spot that juggles these essential habits, the important work you do, meaningful relationships, and necessary breaks; you will experience a measured increase in your productivity and overall personal satisfaction in life.

Want help crafting YOUR morning routine?

I want to help you craft a customized morning routine so you can bring the best you to your work, responsibilities, and relationships. The right time to take action is now.

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  1. Thanks Dan, A good reminder. I do some of these but not all. Will try and see. I always enjoy these life hacks that you write in your blogs. Very practical and easy to follow.

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