TEDx Mastery

TEDx Mastery: How to Secure a Return Invitation to Speak at a TEDx Event

Are you eager to take the stage at TEDx once again? While there isn’t a clear cut route that works for everyone, I have developed a unique system that combines firsthand experience, industry expertise, and an understanding of what TEDx organizers are looking for in speakers.

Organizers look for passion, power and positive change:
You are passionate about the power of ideas and their ability to create positive change. As a  6-time TEDx speaker, I understand the challenges and opportunities associated with returning to the TEDx stage and want to share four of those strategies with you.
Here are the 4 strategies you can use whenever you are invited to speak to keep you on the radar of TEDx organizers and get you invited back as a speaker again and again..

TEDx Mastery

1. Be Prepared

While it may sound cliche, being prepared can never be overestimated. Here are a few tips on how to arrive prepared as a speaker.

Know the Theme of the TEDx event
Your topic should fit within the larger theme of the entire event and one way to increase the relevance of your topic is to study the list of the other speaker’s topics and create a thoughtful connection between your message and the other talks. If you can accomplish this you will position yourself as one of the higher caliber speakers, setting you apart and keeping you in the mind of that event’s organizer and other TEDx organizers listening online or in person.

Practice, Practice, Practice
A famous musician once said that you lose 20% of your preparation when you get on stage therefore to perform at 100% you must prepare 20% more than you think is necessary.
Performing at your peak involves being so prepared that you can handle anything that comes your way including memory slips and tech failures. The more you are prepared the more you will calm your nerves on stage and have the flexibility to improvise in the moment, if necessary.

Study the backstage protocols
Before you go on stage make sure you know the logistics of what will be required of you by the tech team. Knowing this information will give you a sense of how early you should arrive before your talk and will help you mentally prepare for all the backstage logistics. If there isn’t a designated time to prep all of this with the crew beforehand make sure you seek out the tech team and ask about any details they feel you should know.

Know how you will handle glitches
Even the most meticulously planned events can and will have a few glitches.
Thinking ahead about how you might handle yourself if anything goes wrong will give you an array of options on how you can respond rather than being caught off guard in the moment.

Speak at TEDx Events

2. Network with Speakers and Event organizers

Speaking onstage is not only a relationship between the speaker and the audience but events are a collaboration between a larger community of people you should consider getting to know better. When you are at a TEDx event, get to know the other speakers, the event organizers, the tech team, and the volunteers.
Be yourself, show sincere interest, and ask questions that will help you get to know who you are talking to rather than simply basking in the spotlight of being the center of everyone’s attention. Consider going the extra mile and learning people’s names so you can address your colleagues by name. You won’t connect with everyone but through casual conversations it is possible to begin to form authentic relationships.
Following up is the biggest missed opportunity in relationship building. Make a plan before you leave the event detailing how you will follow up with your new network. Being yourself and caring about others will leave a lasting positive impression on those you meet at every event. Investing in authentic relationships may be your greatest asset to getting you invited back to speak at an event.

Personal Brand

3. Grow your Personal Brand

You may have the most electrifying talk in the world but if event organizers don’t believe that putting you on their roster of speakers will help THEM attract new audiences, you might not be considered for some of the more prestigious TEDx events.
Building your personal brand is one effective way to convince TEDx planners they need to have you return to speak at their event. Here are a few ways to build your personal brand

  • Be active on social media
  • Appear on podcasts
  • Write an ebook or blog series

Building relationships with like minded colleagues while supporting THEIR work is also an authentic way to build your own brand. People want to work with and recommend people they know and trust rather than people they feel are simply looking out for themselves.
Decide on your vision and values and then find authentic ways to express those values in everything you do. Whether in the virtual or the real world building a personal brand is a long journey but it is one of the key assets that will keep you on the radar of TEDx Events organizers.
Organizers want to know that you are consistently spending time building your reputation. Having a solid brand will give them that extra level of comfort they need to keep inviting you back.


4. Be Professional

Here are a few ways you can stand out in your professionalism as a Speaker.

  • Make sure you look Gooood. Choose a style that is authentic to YOU
  • Arrive with a good attitude and treat everyone involved in the event with respect
  • If you have questions, ask them. Asking questions is an impressive sign of sincere interest and engagement
  • Read the contract you are sent and be very clear with your own expectations
  • Arrive at the event early and stay late if possible.

Lastly, here are some ways you can exceed the expectations of event organizers.
Going above and beyond what is expected of you will give you an edge when it comes to getting invited back to speak at TED.
There are also a few personal touches you can add that will give events a warmer experience with you.

Send a thank you email to the organizers

Writing a thoughtful letter or sending a thoughtful gift shows your appreciation for the invitation and acknowledges all the work that was put into creating the event.

Promote the event on your social media

Enthusiastically sharing your previous TEDx experience with your audience, giving them teasers, behind the scenes, and other highlights along the entire journey will show a level of investment from you that will keep you at the forefront of the minds of TEDx executives.

You can also stay on the radar of organizers by sending another personal note later in the year. Being invited back to events is often about not being forgotten and a simple message later in the year before they plan their next event can do the trick.

Lastly, be the most helpful person in the room when you are speaking at events.

Don’t just do what you’re expected to do or what everyone else is doing but be generous with your time and service toward others on the team and with your audience.

Leaving a lasting impression as a speaker involves paying attention to the little details that will set you apart. If you can implement your own personalized solutions to these 4 tips, event organizers will look to no one but you to be a recurring TEDx speaker.

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Dan Ram ignites the stage as an in-person event and virtual event MC/ Moderator & Speaker at over 100 events a year. He has shared the stage with international luminaries including President Barack Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Reid Hoffman, Nico Rosberg, and Grammy-winning artists and celebrities. He has also been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 leader 2020 as well as a Top 100 Yale Alumni in Technology 2021. He has dedicated 2023 to providing resources and coaching 500 international dreamers who are dedicated to launching new initiatives.  His passion is to inspire people with his motto ‘Start Now Start Simple’ in building a future we all want to live in. If you you are launching something new this year join #The500Club to receive resources and coaching from Dan!

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