India Covid Relief

Daily Meals

We source ingredients, cook every morning and distribute 200 meals a day outside 2 government hospitals. These are COVID+ patients and their immediate families who are currently in the red zone. The meals are high in protein with added immunity boosters to help patients recover faster.

Medical Kits

Due to overcrowded hospitals, milder COVID+ patients are asked to take medication at home. Unfortunately those under the poverty line can't afford this crucial medication. We've so far sponsored 50 medical kits based on written prescriptions by doctors who are identifying such patients.

Family Provisions

When we heard the plight of families who had lost their only breadwinner to COVID, we knew we had to do something. We have donated a month's supply of hygiene and food items to 30 families so far. We meet each family and know that these provisions are a God send in their time of need.

Oxygen Concentrators

Although expensive, this hospital equipment is often the difference between life or death. Despite a critical shortage, with incredible perseverance we managed to buy and gift concentrators at 2 hospitals. The deans of these hospitals have promised to use this equipment even beyond the COVID crisis.

Press & Partners

What started as a family effort has grown into a community effort. Thanks to all your generosity, we've been able to 3x our impact. The press have celebrated these initiatives, groups like the Lions Club have partnered with us, but most importantly doctors and the 1000s of beneficiaries are so very grateful.