Cognitive Computing

The third era of Information Technology

Imagine a world where you could make fast important decision with confidence. Now imagine your car advising you on issues as such as your marriage, stocks, presents and even parking spaces. Or your tablet at work helping to medicate your aging parents in a foreign land. A watch giving you suggestions on places to eat based on your recent travel schedule. This is bigger than Big Data. It’s more intelligent than artificial intelligence. It is set to  augment our lives more than current augmented/virtual reality. Welcome to the world of Cognitive Computing!

My favorite resource, Wikipedia (don’t judge me, you do it too), describes Cognitive Computing as ‘new hardware and/or software that mimics the functioning of the human brain and helps to improve human decision-making.’ This next frontier allows self-learning systems to use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to essentially mimic human thinking. 

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to share the DLD Summer 16 Conference stage with Dirk Muhlenweg, Head of Global Sales for the Watson IOT centre in Munich, to discuss how cognitive computing will revolutionise industries in the future. 

For the full 20 minute video: